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Yorkshire Eye Clinic

The Eye Center, P.A. is the finest Yorkshire Eye Clinic offering quality eye care treatment. At The Eye Center, P.A. we have the most experienced and specialized eye care physicians who are always available to serve our patients. At the Yorkshire Eye Clinic, we also offer Laser eye surgery which is the most conventional method of correcting vision through spectacles or contact lenses. At The Eye Center, P.A. we offer three major types of laser eye surgery.

  • Eye Lasik surgery - The latest and most common type of laser surgery involves creating a flap by cutting off a thin layer of the cornea, which further enables the laser to aim for the tissue beneath. The flap is merely placed back, and regenerates naturally. The results are almost immediate - vision is restored in no time.

  • Epiflap or Lasek surgery - The second most popular type of laser surgery method involves the fractional removal of the epithelium to reveal the cornea. The cornea is then firmed or reshaped by a laser. Furthermore, the outer layer of cells is pushed back, and the eye heals shortly after.

  • PRK – Is the main laser eye surgery method used for years and it involves the entire removal of the epithelial cells from the eye. While Lasik is used to treat severe hyperopia or myopia, Lasek is only used to correct mild to average myopia.


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