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South Carolina Ophthalmology Practice

The Eye Center, P.A. is one of the leading eye care center serving Carolina and all other surrounding communities of Columbia. At The Eye Center, P.A. our experienced team of ophthalmologists serves various eye care needs by conducting regular eye exams in-order to control high risk eye problems. Our skilled team of Carolina ophthalmology associates highly emphasis on eye care to avoid blindness.

Below are some of eye treatments that we also offer at The Eye Center, P.A.

Thin Flap LASIK: The amazing Thin Flap LASIK eye surgery procedure is incredibly quick and remarkably effective.

PRELEX Vision Correction: Permanently allows patients to get rid of the need for glasses and contacts for both distance and near.

AST: Advanced Surface Treatment (AST) is an excellent alternative to LASIK.

Cataract Surgery: From Crystalens®, TECNIS® Multifocal Lens, ReSTOR®, and AcrySof® IQ Toricany of these lens options will provide excellent results.

The Visian ICL: Used for correcting nearsightedness.

Glaucoma: Early detection is the best defense against glaucoma.

Corneal Transplant: Learn about DSAEK, the newest breakthrough in corneal transplant surgery.

Routine Vision Care: Routine vision evaluations are the looking glass to preventing future disease.

At The Eye Center, P.A. we offer lasik eye surgery in NC with advance tool and technology. The laser procedure helps to restructure the cornea in order to change the focusing power of the eye.


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